At Manor Poultry we breed and raise 4 varieties of chicken Pekin bantams (Frizzle, smooth and a variety of different colours), Buff Orpington Light sussex and Cream Legbar. I am passionate about raising the best quality birds in the best conditions. Meaning all my breeding stock are outside and once the chicks reach 5/6 weeks are also let outside into my growers pens.



Hi, I'm Jacob the founder of Manor Poultry,

I have owned chickens since 2018 starting off with 6 hybrid hens. From them I gradually built up my flock, introducing more hens.

Inevitably one hen went broody, so I decided to buy some pekin eggs to put under her, 3 weeks later I had a Pekin cockerel (the one on my shoulder). When he got old enough I introduced him to a few other Pekins and before I knew it I had chicks running everywhere!

What started as a hobby has now spiralled into over 100 chickens of all different sizes, shapes, colours and egg colours, introducing more cockerels to the fray and creating a business. 

Breeding hens has been such an enjoyable learning experience, learning about different breeds and the genetics of achieving certain patterns and egg colours.

With this newly found knowledge and experience I hope to bring the best quality birds available to the market, hand reared and carefully selected to achieve stunning results you will be proud to see roaming your garden. I do my utmost to ensure my birds are happy and healthy, this means all my chickens are free ranging 100% of the time, with constant access to fresh food, water and pasture.

Furthermore, unlike large hatcheries where human contact is minimised I am in constant contact with my stock from hatch, hand feeding them from day one to ensure tame and friendly birds.

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Manor poultry, Buntingford, UK

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